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27 則留言:

Moonlight Summoner 提到...

HI Franklai,

I'm the writer of Moonlight Summoner's Anime Lyrics.
I found out that i can't get lyrics from Kasi-Time.
Please look into it.
Thanks for creating this apps.

Keiko Asuka

Frank Lai 提到...

Thanks for the report. It should work now.

Nena Arindrasari 提到...

Same problem to UtaTen
Please fix it. Thank you

Frank Lai 提到...

Thanks for the report. Utaten should work now.

Estelle Bright 提到...


I find when fetching lyrics in, all fetched lyrics contain a duplicated part. This part is the part I can get when checking page elements using Chrome. Almost every lyric I get has this problem.

Please fix this.

Thank you.

Estelle Bright 提到...

Hello again.

When using Kasi-Times, I find Lyric Get may transfer some special characters to some sort of code representing it. I guess it would be better if those codes can be seen as what it was on Kasi-Time. One common example is when getting lyrics from μ's, what I can see in lyric area is μ's.

I don't know if this is due to some sort of browser issue or OS issue since I am using Lyric Get under Safari in Mac OS X.

Please check this, and if possible, fix it. Thanks a lot.

Frank Lai 提到...

Thanks for the report.

Both issues are fixed now.
* petitlyrics duplicate lyric
* kasi-time did not decode special char, such single quote

匿名 提到...


MyCutePetTV 提到...



Frank Lai 提到...

petitlyrics 剛才看一下,現在日文歌詞會擋 IP,所以沒有辦法拿到歌詞
所以先移掉了,除非之後不會擋 IP 才能加回來

Estelle Bright 提到...

Uh, rather than waiting, I want to know if it is possible to circumvent this limitation through other ways.

I assume Japanese IP will not be blocked anyway.

Frank Lai 提到...

IP from Japan shall be ok (I guess). But I don't own a host can send request from Japan.

Also petitlyrics already blocked request from GAE, it's far more than a UI blocking. Not what I intend to do in Lyric Get.

Frank Lai 提到...

一直忘記回,有出現「CreateProcess failed; code 14001.」的是用哪版 Windows?
我在 Win10 32-bit 上跑 v4.6.1 是正常 ( )
感覺是 setup 沒包到某個 dll,或者是 Windows 要裝某個 runtime 之類的

SnakeRoot 提到...

Hi, Frank!
Couldn't find your lyric search page ( - 404 error (( Please check this, and if possible, fix it.
Thank you so much as always!

Frank Lai 提到...

Google Code service is shutdown, so the link will never work again.

I have duplicated it to github. Try

Estelle Bright 提到...

Hello. I have checked the duplicate version. But this version is more or less like a unified search page, rather than what it was previously.
What I mean is, in safari for iOS, after entering search terms, only raw webpages will be shown, not carefully formatted copy-able lyrics.
Would you like to fix this? Thanks.
Or maybe I need to use this duplicate from desktop browser?

SnakeRoot 提到...

Thank you, Frank! *happy happy*

Frank Lai 提到...

@Estelle Bright

lyric_search.htm is what you described, a unified search page. A page I wrote several years ago and thought no one is using it (I was wrong!).

Lyric Get is still working on

Estelle Bright 提到...

@Frank Lai
Oh, yes. I have found that Lyric Get still works.
And, even the already being forgotten product still has its extremely small but loyal user base. :)
As one thing does exist, it has its meaning to exist in the world.

Alex 提到...

Hi Frank Lai,

Many thanks for your app!

Today, I would like to report a new issue with (see more

I hope you can fix it soon.

Frank Lai 提到...

uta-net is fixed

SnakeRoot 提到...

I just want to say thank you, Frank! You're a wizard!

匿名 提到...
SnakeRoot 提到...

Hi, Frank!
I would like to report a new issue with
(for example >> - error)

Thank you in advance ))

Frank Lai 提到...

Thanks for the report.

It should work now.

匿名 提到...

Hi FL,

Found new problem...
Fetching of lyrics from PetitLyrics has failed in this domain

Error message
"Failed to get lyric. Please contact franklai."

Meanwhile, same operation as described above is successful via this domain

So what's going on here?

Pls fix, thx

Frank Lai 提到...

Due to the limitation of GAE, header key of http request will be all lower case. This makes petitlyrics reject the request.

Node.js version using library SuperAgent running on Microsoft Azure does not have this issue. So the azure one works.

Since there is a working site, GAE version is not going to be fixed. Until Google change the policy.