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2016年4月26日 星期二

Native DSD playback on Linux

native DSD playback support on Linux for USB DACs

AudioPhile Linux

ALSA Changes v1.0.28 v1.0.29
pcm: add new 32-bit DSD sample format

Playing DSD files directly on Linux
這篇作法很神奇,是先用 dsf2flac 把 dsf 轉成 flac 然後再用 ffmpeg 餵到 alsa
「dsf2flac -d -r 176400 -i thedsdaudio.dsf -o - 2>/dev/null  | ffmpeg -i - -r 176400-c pcm_s32le  -f alsa hw:1」
There are three ways to play back DSD:
  • Native DSD playback. Requires ALSA or later, a sound driver/chip that supports DSD and of course a DAC that supports DSD.
  • DoP (DSD over PCM) playback. This wraps DSD inside fake 24 bit PCM according to the DoP standard. Requires a DAC that supports DSD. No support from ALSA and the sound chip required (except for bit-perfect 24 bit PCM support).
  • Convert DSD to PCM on-the-fly.
所以理論上 DoP 不用 kernel 3.17 後也有機會做到?