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2016年2月27日 星期六

Google 將於 2016年5月1日結束 Picasa Web Albums 服務

叫大家都用新的 Google Photos

到2016年5月1日的時候,Picasa Web Albums Data API 也會停用部分功能

Important: Beginning May 1st, 2016, we’ll start rolling out changes to the Picasa Web Albums Data API and no longer support the following functionality:

  • Flash support
  • Community search
  • Mutation operations other than uploads
  • All support for tags, comments, and contacts

The API will still support other functions, including reading photos, reading albums, reading photos in albums, and uploading new photos. Although these operations will continue to be supported and the protocol will remain the same, the content included in the responses and the operation behavior may change. We'll update the documentation on this site with specifics on the changes in March. Read other important Picasa updates here.


話說那建立新相簿這個 mutation operation,會支援嗎?還是就只有支援上傳相片呢…

然後 Picasa desktop application 在3月15日之後,就下載不到啦

要大量上傳相片到 Google Photos 的話,目前是叫大家去用

是覺得大家不在電腦上看相片了,所以把 Picasa 砍掉?

當初 Picasa 比其他家強的是人臉辨識、調整相片(那個"好手氣"),這些看來都拉到 web 來做了

話說 Google Photos 的網頁版還沒認真用過,來試試