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2008年3月20日 星期四

Most Viewed Posts of This Blog

a useless statistic.

according to Google Analytics, the pageviews of this Blog. No.1 is the main page. oh, of course. forget about the main page.
o 日文線上字典、線上翻譯
o ニコニコ動画 flv 下載
o 七月 2007 {it's an archive page}
o [歌詞] いきものがかり - 青春ライン
o Cannot Load IE (Internet Explorer)
o 初試Xming
o おんがく {it's a label page}
o 看Youtube沒聲音
o 五月 2007 {it's an archive page}
o FriendlyFiles (really something interesting)

why there are two archive pages in the rank...

lyric rank
1. [歌詞] いきものがかり - 青春ライン
2. [Uta-Net先行歌詞] SunSet Swish - ありがとう
3. 茶太 - ワスレナゴハン
4. [歌詞] 茶太 - うたたね
5. [歌詞] CooRie - ウソツキ
and the no.1 of the other site is currently 茶太 - だんご大家族

conclusion: usually, those pages with most viewed are not what you intended to. that's what people say ``無心插柳柳橙汁''