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2008年3月20日 星期四

download mp3 or flv files from yam mymedia

two cases: mp3 or flv

a url example:
the pattern can be /\/m\/([0-9]+)$/ for a PHP preg.

once we get the ID, append it to "". in the case 1932303, it would be "". this link will return us two infomation: mp3file and totaltime. pattern for mp3file: "/mp3file=([^&]+)&/". that is the real location of mp3 file. referrer header is not required.

for flv file, the original swf use "" as the prefix. but in test, we can still use "" since we only need the value of furl. pattern for furl: "/furl=([^&]+)&/".

demo site

Google Custom Search on yam media

3 則留言:

匿名 提到...

It worked well, thanks a bunch~

wenbinbin 提到...

it doesn't work anymore. do you have a new way to download? thanks

franklai 提到...

For yam mymeida, please visit

for YouTube, currently mymedia_get fails to retrieve useful download link, maybe can do this.